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Hedging our bets

For their latest craft drink, Hedgerow Gin, the team at Sloemotion have returned to their foraging instincts and created an innovative, small-batch, craft gin with a difference.
Latest Posts Gin fans will no doubt recall our previous blog 'Sloe and steady wins the race' about the delicious range of drinks created by artisan producer Sloemotion. Just as a…

Elderflower Gin Cocktail Recipe

This simple cocktail recipe is so easy to make yet impressive enough to serve at any celebration. Using award-winning Warner Edwards Harrington Elderflower Gin, fresh apple juice and Prosecco.
Latest Posts Many thanks to Warner Edwards for supplying this recipe.  Ingredients 35ml Warner Edwards Harrington Elderflower Gin 100ml Prosecco 5ml Sugar syrup 10ml …

Hush Heath - It's a family affair

In March 2016 the Holwood team visited the Hush Heath Estate for a tour of the estate and tastings
Latest Posts Richard Balfour-Lynn of Hush Heath Estate really likes to keep things in the family, so much so he has named his wines and ciders after his wife and children. Wife …

Sloe gin recipes from SLOEmotion

Serving suggestions and cocktail recipes for sloe gin, brandy and more from SLOEmotion
Jonathan Curtoys of SLOEmotion offers a few favourite tips on enjoying sloe gin and sloe brandy in festive cocktails and a spiced apple dessert. Sloe Fizz Reminiscent of a …

Sloe and steady wins the race

Jonathan Curtoys tells us how he started his sloe gin business by accident, and why making sloe gin is good for the environment.
Latest Posts Anyone with even a passing interest in the environment or the countryside knows that preserving hedgerows is key to sustainable environmentally-friendly farming. But …