Christmas Food & Drink - Order Form 2017

We have extended our last order date to Sunday 17th December. Whilst we will do our best to accomodate all orders by this date, we cannot guarantee availability of all items such as a full selection of turkey sizes.

Please click the button below for a printable version of the order form, which you are welcome to bring into the Farm Shop or alternatively call us on 01689 638 381. 


Holwood Christmas dinner

* Veg boxes include: potatoes, carrots, parsnips, brussels sprouts on stalks, cauliflower, savoy cabbage, red cabbage, swede, onion, leeks, broccoli and Bramley Apples. Don't like sprouts? Prefer extra parsnips? We are happy to customise a box for you.

** Salad box includes: Little Gem lettuce, Baby Leaf salad, cucumber, cherry tomatoes punnet, loose tomatoes, ready-to-eat avocado, flat mushrooms, celery and three mixed peppers.

*** Cheeseboards are designed for 8 - 10 people, each are made up of 4 cheeses (£900g in total) and 2 packets of Miller's Elements crackers.

**** Westerham mini kegs last for 6 weeks unopened and 1 week once opened.

***** We try our best to maintain these prices - if there is a fluctuation in price beyond our control we will do our best to notify you.