Christmas fish orders 2018

Please contact our fishmonger Veasey and Sons directly and they will arrange to deliver to Holwood Farm for you to collect.

Last orders - 16th December

Pick up from Veasey and Sons at Holwood Farm on Friday 21st December - or arrange a collection from Holwood Farm between 21st and 24th December.

Christmas pre-orders preferred. To order:

email on or phone on 01342 822906  

Smoked Salmon

Whole Sides of Sliced Smoked Salmon 

Half Sides of Sliced Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon By the 100g 

Kiln Roasted Smoked Salmon Sides 

Kiln Roasted Smoked Salmon by the 100g 

Gravadlax by the side 

Gravadlax by the 100g 


Fresh Salmon

Whole Fresh Salmon 

Sides of Fresh Salmon Organic

Sides of Fresh Salmon 

Salmon Fillet Portions

Dressed Whole Salmon Platters available


Also available many varieties of:

Hot Smoked Fish

Cold Smoked Fish

Fresh Whole Fish

Fresh Fillets

Live Shellfish

Cooked Shellfish

Accompanying Sauces

Crab & Lobster

White Crab Meat  (Fresh Hand Picked)

Brown Crab Meat

Dressed Crab -  6 Each (6-8oz)

Large Dressed Crab -  Priced on Weight

Dressed Lobster -  Market Prices

Whole Lobster -  Market Prices



Whole Carp



Scallops and Oysters

Fresh Scallops 

Rock Oysters - Colchester & Cornish

Native Oysters


As well as this "Christmas list", our boat-owning fishmonger Veasey and Sons have their usual full range so please just ask if there is anything else you need.

Veasey and Sons have asked us to let you know that prices are an approximation and are subject to possible change depending on availability.