Holwood Farm Shop

The offering at the Farm Shop changes with the seasons, so every visit is something of an adventure.

With the emphasis on local produce, the shop stocks more than 20 cheeses from Kent and neighbouring counties; British charcuterie, including chorizo, air-dried hams, cured bacon and salami; fruit and vegetables from Taste of the Weald; artisan bread;  free range meat and fresh cakes and savoury dishes.



We go out of our way to support small, independent producers. The emphasis is on local – as much as we can find – and free range. Everything you’d expect from a really good deli but in a rural setting. It's a farm shop, but on a bigger scale.    

Cheese Menu

We offer a wide range of regional British cheese, the majority produced by artisan cheese makers from their own dairy herds. We cover all cheese types, traditional farmhouse cheese and regional.


Appleby's Cheshire

Ashmore Kentish Cheese

Barber's 1833 Vintage 24 month

Barkham Blue

Black Bomber

Blacksticks Blue

Bleu D'Auvergne


Boilie Goats

Bowyer's Brie

Brie de Meaux Rouzaire

Burwash Rose

Cashel Blue

Chabichou de Poitou Fermier

Channel Island Brie

Colston Bassett Blue Stilton


Cornish Blue

Cornish Yarg

Delice de Cremier



Golden Cross

Goodweald Smoked

Gorgonzola Piccante

Hereford Hop

Holmbury Vintage Cheddar

Kentish Blue


Le Cret Gruyere

Leicester Red Aged - Hoe Stevenson

Lincolnshire Poacher

Lochois with thyme

Lord of the Hundreds


Maryland Mature

Montgomery Mature Cheddar

Mozzarella di Buffalo

Mrs Kirkham's Lancashire

Ossau Iraty

Oxford Blue


Quickes Mature Farmhouse Cheddar



Roquefort Coccinelle

Saint Giles

St. Marcellin

Stinking Bishop

Organic Sussex Slipcote - Garlic and Herb

Organic Sussex Slipcote - Plain

Organic Sussex Slipcote - Pepper

Sussex Yeoman




White Stilton with Mango and Ginger


Wild Garlic Cornish Yarg

Winterdale Shaw

Winterdale Shaw Oak Smoked

Our producers

One of the best things about running a local food shop is that we get to meet so many fabulous people who make up the local food scene right here in Kent ... and experts from a little further afield.

These people are always passionate about what they do: from making chutneys and preserves from locally foraged ingredients to baking the most luscious cakes and creating freshly-made meals ready to pop into your oven, they all ensure our shelves are always stocked with the top-quality produce that sets Holwood Farm Shop apart.

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