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We stock a wide selection of Local, National and International cheeses.  Our counter holds around 50 cheeses which we rotate from the lists below.  If you are looking for a particular cheese, please cal ahead to ensure it's in stock.  

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Local Cheeses (from Kent and Sussex) 

Name Producer Decription Codes
Saint Giles High Weald Dairy Continental style, semi soft creamy cheese, similar, in essence to the Saint Paulin style cheese found in France. It has a rich, buttery texture, a creamy mild flavour and a stunning edible orange rind which is made from organic carrot cuvora
Goodweald Smoked The Traditional Cheese Dairy This delightful cheese uses the popular Olde Sussex cheese and is smoked over oak chippings for 2-4 days. This results in a rich, unrivalled smokey flavour. This combined with the deep, creamy texture of Olde Sussex makes this cheese a great addition to any cheeseboard.  cuvr
St Giles High Weald Dairy St Giles is often considered to be the English equivalent of Port Salut with its characteristic orange rind, caused by organic carrot juice. This semi hard cheese is made using cow's milk in Sussex by the High Weald Dairy. It has a creamy texture with a mild soft taste. covar
Winterdale Shaw Oak Smoked  Winterdale Cheesemakers Using milk from the family farm in Kent, this cheddar style cheese is prepared in a traditional fashion and then matured for 10 months in the dairy's chalk cave deep in the North Downs of Kent. The cheese is then smoked gently over oak chippings at a smokery close to the dairy.  cur
Kentish Blue Kingcott Cheese Made using fresh unpasturised milk from their own herd of pedigree Fresian cows, Steve and Karen Reynolds produce this cheese on their family-run farm just outside Staplehurst, Kent. The cheese is traditional  with a smooth texture and mellow, gentle flavour that develops into a long-lasting aftertaste. ucr
Scrumpy Sussex The Traditional Cheese Dairy Scrumpy Sussex is made to the same traditional recipe of the Olde Sussex. The garlic, cider and herbs are gently blended with the curd which give the cheese a zesty, tangy flavour as the cheese matures.  uvrc
Sussex Yeoman Nut Knowle Farm Sussex Yeoman is produced by Nut Knowle Farm in Horam using fresh milk from their own herd of Toggenburg and British Saanen Goats. It is a hard pressed cheese, matured for two months, with a moist yet crumbly texture and mild flavour.  grv
Duddleswell Organic Smoked High Weald Dairy Duddleswell Organic Smoked is made from Pasturised sheeps milk, it is a well rounded rich flavoured cheese, with sweet buttery notes. It is matured for up to 5 months and is then gently smoked over oak chippings whole. SRAOV
Ashdown Foresters Smoked High Weald Dairy Ashdown Foresters is an un-pressed cheese, firm with a slightly open texture. Medium in strength, it is a rounded cheese, with a sharp, buttery character and slight saltiness, but with savoury and lemon back notes. The whole cheeses are gently smoked over oak shavings. Smoking takes around 12 to 36 hours. crov
Sussex Slipcote ORG Garlic & Herbs High Weald Dairy "Little piece of Cottage Chesse" this award winning pasturised sheeps milk cheese has a slightly sharp lemony flavour with a refreshing taste. It has a light fluffy and creamy texture making it perfect for spreading on morning toast. Infused with Garlic and an aromatic blend of herbs. asrvo
Sussex Slipcote ORG with Basil High Weald Dairy "Little piece of Cottage Chesse" this award winning pasturised sheeps milk cheese has a slightly sharp lemony flavour with a refreshing taste. It has a light fluffy and creamy texture making it perfect for spreading on morning toast. With added Basil perfect with a Tomato based dish. sravo
Sussex Slipcote ORG Peppercorns High Weald Dairy "Little piece of Cottage Chesse" this award winning pasturised sheeps milk cheese has a slightly sharp lemony flavour with a refreshing taste. It has a light fluffy and creamy texture making it perfect for spreading on morning toast. This twice medal winning cheese is infused with tasty peppercorns. sravo
Bluebell The Cheesemakers of Canterbury A creamy Camembert style cheese, an Artisan version of Camberzold. CUVR
Lord of the Hundreds  The Traditional Cheese Dairy Lord of the Hundreds is an unpressed ewes' milk cheese. Its wonderfully natural, sweet and savoury balance means quince jelly complements this cheese perfectly.Featured in the ‘Rare Breeds Society’ cookbook. Many chefs use Lords as an alternative to Parmesan. asuvr
Bowyer's Brie The Cheesemakers of Canterbury Brie style. This naturally rinded hard cheese is made from unpasteurised British Friesian cows milk, collected fresh in the mornings from Mr. Castle's Debden Farm at Petham, near Canterbury, with their own milk tanker. CVUR
Ashmore Kentish Cheese The Cheesemakers of Canterbury The Ashmore Cheese is hand made from a traditional recipe at the newly refurbished site that was Dargate Dairy at Lamberhurst Farm, Dargate by the cheesemakers; Jane Bowyer, Teresa and her merry band of "blessed cheesemakers"! CUVR
Little Sussex High Weald Dairy Little Sussex is a small cheese with a bloomy white coat. Based on our fresh Plain Sussex Slipcote, it is matured for 10 days before packing.   It has a delicious, mild delicate flavour and fluffy texture when young, but becomes stronger and more flavoursome as it ages. SRAV
Sussex Slipcote ORG High Weald Dairy "Little piece of Cottage Chesse" this award winning pasturised sheeps milk cheese has a slightly sharp lemony flavour with a refreshing taste. It has a light fluffy and creamy texture making it perfect for spreading on morning toast. Produced by Mike and Sarah Hardy of High Weald Dairy. sravo
Winterdale Shaw Winterdale Cheesemakers Made in Wrotham just 12 miles away by Robin Betts.  The curd is filled into traditional wood cheese presses and pressed for 3 days, wrapped in cotton muslin and is matured for 10 months in a cave in the chalky North Downs of Kent. cura
Brother Michael High Weald Dairy Brother Michael is a semi –soft rind washed cheese , based on our Saint Giles.  Created by washing a 6 week matured Saint Giles cheese in brine and special cheese cultures several times a week for four weeks.  This process creates the lovely orange - pink colour on the sticky cheese surface and the distinctive sticky pungent aroma.   The texture is soft and creamy but the flavour is not as strong as the aroma would imply. CORAv
Mayfield Alsop and Walker Mayfield is a semi hard wax coated cheese made from full fat pasteurised cow’s milk. It has a creamy sweet nutty flavour which varies in strength from mild to full dependent on age and contains naturally developed eyes. CRV
Sussex Blue Alsop and Walker From artisan cheesemakers Alsop and Walker of Mayfield, East Sussex this is a semi-hard mild tasting blue cheese with a natural edible rind. After being opened for a short period the blue will start to bloom. Made from pasteurised cows milk. Matured for 12 weeks and can be held for 25 weeks to develop stronger blue characteristics. CR
Sussex Crumble Alsop and Walker This natural rind, hard cheese is the colour of pae straw. It has a crumbly texture with a creamy, clean taste. Delicous used in a salad, cooking or just on a cheeseboard.  CR
Lord London Alsop and Walker Made in East Sussex, a semi soft cheese with a slight citrus taste and a natural creaminess.  The rind is edible.  Eat straight from the fridge. CR
Ashdown Foresters High Weald Dairy It is an un-pressed cheese, quite firm, slightly open texture, has an attractive shape with its basket weave pattern on its surface. Medium in strength,  a rounded cheese, with a sharp, buttery character and slight saltiness, but with savoury and lemon back note.tions. crov
Sussex Marble Herbs & Garlic High Weald Dairy A continental style, semi soft creamy cheese derived from Saint Giles, infused with Garlic and Herbs.
Fantastic if melted on steak or chicken or use as a ready made garlic butter without the hard work
Duddleswell Organic High Weald Dairy A  full fat hard cheese made from pasteurised Sheep milk.
It is a well rounded, rich flavoured cheese, mildly acidic taste incorporating ewes milk character, sweet and buttery note. The cheese is matured for upto 5 months resulting in a smooth creamy texture and a delicious nutty flavour.
Brighton Blue High Weald Dairy A slightly open, semi-soft texture, with a mellow blue flavour and fragrant aroma. The piquant blue green veins in the cheese deepen as the cheese matures and the strength of the blue will become stronger. During maturation, the wheels develop their own attractive natural edible rind. cvr
Tornegus Eastside Cheese Company Originally developed in Beckenham, the young Caerphilly cheese is rind washed with a solution of Kentish white wine and herbs, it is then sprinkled with lemon verbena begore being matured for 1-2months. This gives the cheese a silky, semi-soft texture with a slighlty spicy, yet sweet flavour.  CVR
Duddleswell High Weald Dairy Duddleswell is a full fat hard cheese made from pasteurised sheep milk. It is a well-rounded, rich flavoured cheese with mildly acidic taste that incorporates the ewes milk character with sweet and buttery notes sar
Medita Sheep's Milk Cheese High Weald Dairy Better know as ‘Feta’ it has it’s origins in the Mediterranean.   Made in the traditional way with organic sheep milk and then matured in brine.   It is a semi soft crumbly cheese with a distinct, sharp, fresh flavour. SVOR
Flower Marie Golden Cross A square shaped sheep's milk cheese.. It is firm and fresh tasting when young developing more intense flavours as it softens with maturity. sur
Sheeps Milk Ricotta High Weald Dairy   sr


UK and International 

Name Producer Description Codes
Channel Island Brie The Lubborn Creamery Using both Jersey and Guernsey milk sourced from farms within 25 miles of the dairy. This cheese is lovingly made in Somerset by the same dairy that produce the famous Somerset Brie. This cheese is richer and creamier than is more famous cousin and has a wonderful buttercup yellow colour. cv
Langres Champagne-Ardenne Langres originates from the Champagne region. Made with cows' milk and matured for 2 to 3 months and regularly washed with brine and annatto, which gives it its light brown to brown-red rind. All of this combines to give it a strong smell, a melt-in-the-mouth texture and a spicy tang. CU
Black Bomber Black Bomber Produced in Snowdonia, Black Bomber is an extra strong cheddar known for its powerful yet mellow taste and its creamy texture. With this texture, Apricot Chutney or Onion Marmalade is recommended, along with a nice glass of red wine. CV
Cashel Blue County Tipperary Found in Tipperary, Cashel Blue has been made by Jane and Louis Grubb since the 1980s. Made with cows' milk and matured for up to six months, it has a soft, creamy texture and a sharp and fresh flavour.   C
Parmesan Parma A hard, granular cheese originating in Parma, Italy. Made from cows' milk and matured for between 18 and 48 months gives the cheese its fragrant and tangy flavour. Ideal for grating over pasta dishes, risottos and salads.  CU
Gorgonzola Piccante Gorgonzola Gorgonzola Piccante has a soft and creamy texture that packs a punch with its sharp and spicy flavour. Originating in Italy, made with cows' milk and matured for around 4 months, Gorgonzola Piccante tends towards an ivory rind with blue veining. Perfect for pizza toppings. C
Manchego  La Mancha Manchego cheese comes from the La Mancha region of Spain and is made with sheep's milk. Matured for a minimum of 6 months and has a firm, compact consistency with a buttery taste. A good grating cheese. S
Comte Jura Mountains Comte cheese comes from the Franche-Comte region of France and is a semi-hard, cows' milk cheese. It is noted for a great nutty and caramelized flavour. It is a traditional fondue cheese and is great with a dry white wine. COU
Rachel White Lake Cheese Rachel is made by the White Lake company in Shepton Mallet and is a semi-hard goats' cheese with a washed rind, a  firm texture and a delicate flavour. gvu
Bleu D'Auvergne Auvergne Produced in the Massif-Central, Bleu d'Auvergne is a full-bodied, moist, creamy cheese made with cows' milk. It is slightly piquant and salty and is matured for 1 to 2 months before being wrapped in foil and matured for another month. Perfect with salads and best enjoyed with a full-bodied red wine. CU
Aged Red Leicester - Hoe Stevenson Vale of Belvoir This cheese comes from the Vale of Belvoir and brings with it its hard texture and strong flavour. Slighly sweet, nutty and caramelized, it is made to a traditional Red Leicester recipe and matured for 5-6 months. CV
St. Marcellin  Saint-Marcellin A creamy and rich cheese from a town of the same name, St. Marcellin is a great addition to any cheese board. It has a golden crust and silky texture with a distinctive taste - earthy and mushroomy with a delicate tang. Delicious when eaten with fresh bread and sparkling wine. CU
Chabichou du Poitou Fermier AOP Poitou-Charentes Chabichou du Poitou Fermier is made exclusively in the Poitou-Charentes region of France. It is a semi-soft goat's cheese with a firm and creamy texture and a sweet and salty taste.  Excellent on a slice of crusty French bread. GU
Lochois with thyme Touraine A delicate, soft, sheep's milk cheese from the Touraine area of France. It has a soft texture and a distinctive taste and a sprig of thyme to finish it off. A great addition to any cheese board. S
Brie de Meaux Rouzaire Seine-et-Marne Also known as the 'King of Cheeses' the Brie de Meaux Rouzaire is considered to be rather special with its mottled rind, its rich and creamy taste and its mushroomy, grassy notes. This cheese is matured for 5 to 6 weeks and it is wonderful eaten on its own. C
Boilie Goats Fivemiletown Creamery An soft, Irish cheese marinated in herbs and peppercorns in garlic-infused oil that helps flavour it. A distinctive taste and  great in many different dishes. G
Barkham Blue The Two Hoots Cheese Co This cheese is handmade in a family-run dairy in Berkshire. The cheese is produced in an ammonite shape, covered in a natural mould. The deep yellow interior is speckled with deep blue-green veins. The cheese has a smooth buttery texture with a melt-in-the-mouth flavour. cva
Appleby's Cheshire Appleby's Cheesemakers Cheshire Cheese is considered to be the oldest British Cheese, it is mentioned in the Doomsday Book of 108 and is believed to have been developed in Roman times.  This moist, crumbly Cheshire from the Appleby Cheesemakers of Shropshire has a clean, zesty flavour on the tongue with a rich, mouth-watering finish. cuva
Cornish Yarg Lynher Dairies Cheese Co. This delicious semi-hard cheese is made in Cornwall. After pressing and brining the cheese is wrapped in nettle leaves picked from the land that surrounds the dairy. As the cheese matures the nettles give the cheese a lovely, delicate fresh taste. cva
Delice de Cremier Burgundy Delice De Cremier has a fresh soft taste and texture making it an excellent palate cleanser at the end of a meal. Made using fresh unpasturised milk it is matured in cellars for 3 weeks giving it a slightly spicy taste.  cu
Epoisse Berthaut This soft cheese famous for its pungent smell. Made from unpasturised cows milk, the cheese is regularly washed in white wine giving the cheese its characteristic taste and orange rind. Eaten when ripe the cheese is best enjoyed with crusty bread. cu
Le Cret Gruyere Gruyeres Le Cret Gruyere is a hard, Swiss cheese, made from unpasteurised cows' milk and is matured for 12 months. It has an intense, complex flavour and is traditionally used in fondue. Ideal for cooking with and melting over dishes. CU
Mrs Kirkham's Lancashire Kirkham's Farm Cheese  Using a recipe passed down through  generations of the family, Mrs Kirham has been making her award-winning Lancashire cheese for over 30 years.  cua
Mozzarella di Buffalo Puglia This popular fresh cheese has a fresh, light taste and is perfect on pizza, pasta bakes and salads. Can also be eaten by itself accompanied by olive oil. b
Ossau Iraty Basque Ossau-Iraty is medium-soft, light in color and has very complex yet delicately smooth flavours. This cheese tastes similar to cows' cheeses of similar texture. Ossau-Iraty is complex and includes an edible slightly white-mouldy tart rind which adds to the experience. sua
Lincolnshire Poacher F. W. Read & Sons Using fresh, unpasteurised milk from Simon Jones' Holstein cows, the cheese is made on the farm and matured for at least 14 months. Often thought to be similar to traditional West Country cheddars, Lincolnshire Poacher has a full, rich nutty flavour. A perfect alternative to cheddar in sandwiches.   acu
Roquefort Coccinelle  Papillon From the makers of Papillon, Roquefort Coccinelle is a creamy, intense cheese with a blue mould. An excellent addition to any cheese board and very delicious. SU
Sharpham Rustic Sharpham Cheese The Sharpham Rustic is a semi-hard cheese that is matured for approximately 6-8 weeks. This gives it a light-flavour with a moist, creamy texture. The team of highly skilled cheesemakers employ traditional techniques to produce the top quality cheeses.   avuc
Reblochon Haute-Savoie Reblochon is regularly washed with whey in order to speed up the aging process. It has a soft, creamy texture with a nutty aftertaste with a strong smell. This cheese makes a delicious addition to a cheeseboard or is fantastic melted onto baked potatoes.  cu
White Stilton with Mango and Ginger Long Clawson Dairy This traditional creamy White Stilton is blended with sweet mango chunks with just a hint of ginger. The refreshing mango breaks down the richness of the cheese and the hint of ginger gently tingles the taste buds.  cv
Swaledale The Swaledale Cheese Company This goats' cheese is traditionally farmhouse hard pressed and is white  with a soft moist open texture and mild, smooth, tangy taste. Available throughout the year due to the readiness of Swaledale goats' milk. gva
Wild Garlic Cornish Yarg Lynher Dairies Cheese Co Similar to the nettle-wrapped Cornish Yarg, this cheese is wrapped in wild garlic that is collected from the farm's woodland in Cornwall. It has a smooth creamy texture with a similar luxurious taste.  cva
Burwash Rose The Traditional Cheese Dairy Co Ltd  Burwash Rose is a semi-soft cheese that is washed in brine with rosewater. It has a moist texture, an amazing creamy flavour and floral notes. A great addition to an cheeseboard. CUV
Hereford Hop Hereford Hop Hereford Hop is a semi-hard, mellow and buttery cheese which is coated with hops after moulding. After this, the cheese is matured for 3 months. The hops are slightly bitter which contrasts sharply with the taste of the cheese. Excellent when eaten with beer. CUV
Blacksticks Blue Butler's Farmhouse Cheeses Blacksticks Blue cheese comes from Lancashire. It is an artisan, semi-soft cheese with a creamy and smooth texture and a tangy taste. It is amber and will add colour to any cheeseboard. CV
Waterloo Village Maid Cheese Made with milk of golden Guernsey cattle. It has a deep golden-yellow curd, a soft texture and a rich but delicate flavour with a earthy aroma.  CUV
Wigmore Village Maid Cheese Named after the makers, Wigmore is a lovely semi-soft cheese with a natural rind and a fruity, rich flavour. An award-winning cheese and an asset to any cheeseboard.  SUV
Golden Cross Golden Cross Cheese Ltd A creamy and slightly sweet goats' cheese. With a soft texture and an edible mould, Golden Cross is an excellent cheese for cooking with. GUV
Stinking Bishop Charles Martwell & Son This cheese is made in Gloustershire and is famous for its strong smell. The rind is washed in perry made from the Stinking Bishop variety of pear which gives it its characteristic flavour, smell colourful rind and name. cv
Holmbury Vintage Cheddar Holmbury A good mature block of cheddar and full of flavour. An excellent addition to any cheeseboard and great eaten with crackers. V
Abondance Haute-Savoie  Abondance comes from the Haute-Savoie region of France. It is a medium hard cheese with a strong smell and a distinct, complex flavour with fruity notes and hints of hazelnut. It has a creamy and rich texture and needs at least 100 days to mature. Perfect when melted over potatoes. CU
Cornish Blue The Cornish Cheese Comapany This award winning cheese is handmade in Cornwall. It has a sweet, mild and creamy taste and it adds colour to any cheeseboard because of its pale orange colour and deep blue veins. cva
BallyBlue Five Mile Town Creamery Hand Made in small batches.  Sharp blue flaovour complimented by a mild creaminess CVA
Normandy Camembert Petit Normand A classic example of this fine cheese. Subtle and delicate in flavour when young, it develops a depth of flavour when fully mature, reminiscent of the lush Normandy pastures.   TO BAKE : Insert garlic into slits with a few rosemary tips and bake at 200C (lid off) for 10 minutes.  Eat from the pot with crusty Bread. C
Grana Padano   Grano Padano is a subtler and less nutty and salty than Parmigiano, with a more delicate flavor for risotto or when you don't want to overpower a dish. cu
Vacherin MontD'or Fromagerie Bardoz, Jura region of France Vacherin Mont Dor is a superb winter brie from the mountainous Jura region of France and is produced only between Sept and March. It is made from the unpasteurised milk of the Montbeliarde cow. It is then matured for 3 weeks and has a strip of Spruce bark wrapped around it giving the cheese a resinous, pine-like aroma and a delicious creamy tang. CUA
Wensleydale with Cranberries Wensleydale Creamery Real Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese is carefully combined with delicate, fruity succulence of pure, sweet cranberries. An original creation from the Wensleydale Creamery, the cheese displays an innovative complement of flavours, with superb visual appeal. CV
Vacherin Mont D'Or Individual Fromagerie Bardoz, Jura region of France Vacherin Mont Dor is a superb winter brie from the mountainous Jura region of France and is produced only between Sept and March. It is made from the unpasteurised milk of the Montbeliarde cow. It is then matured for 3 weeks and has a strip of Spruce bark wrapped around it giving the cheese a resinous, pine-like aroma and a delicious creamy tang. CUA
Godminster Organic Heart Godminster Using fresh, organic milk from their own cows on the farm in Somerset.  Made to a 70 year old recipe.  A medium to strong creamy rich full flavoured cheddar. ocv
Y-Fenni Abergavenny Fine Foods A mature cheddar with mustard seeds and real ale. Creamy and full of flavour, but not too strong.
Y Fenni is the Welsh name for Abergavenny, the market town in mid Wales. When in red wax it is known as the Red Dragon.  Y Fenni cheese is a thing of wonder; moist and tangy with a nice bite of mustard seeds followed by a warm glow of ale. 
Tunworth Stacey Hedges Charlotte Spruce A creamy camembert style cheese made in the village of Herriad in Hampshire cpa
Brie with Garlic and Chives - 150g Godminster Vintage This soft, brie like cheese is made using rich organic Jersey milk has subtle hints of garlic and chives running through it.
Like most soft cheeses, this brie is best served at room temperature. 
Godminster Heart - 200g Godminster Vintage Covered in Godmintser's dinstincitve burgundy wax this is a powerful, yet deliciously creamy cheddar.  co
Smoked Cheddar - 200g Godminster Vintage Wrapped in muslin, this is the same characteristic Godminster  Organic Cheddar but is cold smoked over oak.   
Godminster Brie - 150g Godminster Vintage Made using Organic Jersey milk from Somerset this soft, brie like, cheese has a creamy, buttery flavour. co
Brie with Black Pepper - 150g Godminster Vintage This brie is wrapped in crushed peppercorns giving this creamy cheese a spicy tang.  coa
Feta Cheese      
Baby Cornish Blue Cornish Cheese Co Its moist, sticky, Gorgonzola-ish and generally rather lovely, Cornish Blue is made by Philip and Carol Stansfield with milk from their own farm at Knowl Farm, which sits on the edge of Bodmin Moor. CV
Oak Smoked Godminster Cheddar Godminster Vintage This cheese is the famous Godminster Organic Cheddar cold smoked over oak to give the cheese a rich, smooth, smokey taste.  co
Little Wallop Alex James Little Wallop is a soft washed cheese. When it is young it should have a slightly citrus flavour balanced with salt and a creamy after taste. As it ripens it can have a slightly pungent smell and flavour due to the rind. The cheese have ve no off flavours or taints. This cheese was created by Alex James. GVU
Beaufort   Beaufort is a large round mountain cheese produced in the Departement of Savoie in the French Alps. Despite its hard appearance, Beaufort has an irresistibly smooth texture and fruity flavour, similar to Gruyere. Strictly controlled by AOC regulations. CU
Godminster Cheddar Heart - 400g      
Cave Aged Wookey Hole Cheddar Ford Farm A Waxes pasteurised cow's milk farmhouse cheddar.  Matured in the caves at Wookey Hole  
Lancashire Bomb 230g Shorrocks   C
Coeur de Neufchatel Villiers Similar to Camembert in taste and texture but richer, coarser and heart-shaped, this is the oldest cheese of Normandy. The story goes that the young women of Neufchâtel-en-Bray offered this cheese to their gallant knights during the Hundred Years War. The monks preferred to say that it represented the wings of an angel. cu
Godminster Hearts 200g Godminster A deliciously creamy vintage organic cheddar in Godminster's distinctive burgundy wax shaped as a heart co
Red Storm Snowdonia Cheese    
Grandma Singletons Strong Lancashire Grandma Singleton An intensely strong dark flavour from the first taste with a smooth, buttery texture. This cheese is matured for up to a year, Lancashire cheese doesn’t come any stronger than this! CV
Quickes Red Leicester Quickes Traditional A delicious and refreshing cheese. At between one to four months old this Red Leicester has a distinctive creamy and lemony flavour and a lovely crunchy texture that is a pleasure to cook with and goes rather well with a pint of Westerham Beer. CV
Montgomery Mature Cheddar  Mongomery Cheese The Montgomery family in Somerset makes this artisan Cheddar using its own unpasteurized milk. The curd is passed through a mill moulded pressed dipped in hot water bandaged in muslin. It is matured for at least 11months. The flaky paste has a rich long lasting flavour. cua
Rosary Goat Cheese Chris and Claire Moody Heavenly, light, moist and creamy, with a subtle goatiness that lingers on the palate.   Perfect crushed into fresh bread with sundried tomatoes. This fluffy textured log of goats cheese is made in Langford on the Hampshire/Wiltshire border.  GVA
Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar Ford Farm, Somerset This award-winning West Country Farmhouse cheddar has a nutty, tangy flavour and is aged for up to 3 months in Wookey Hole Caves. This gorgeous cheddar is produced from milk sourced only from Dorset and is protected by PDO  CVA
Lancashire Bomb 450g Andrew Shorrock
Andrew Shorrock
This strong yet very creamy Lancashire is matured for 24 months. The very talented Andrew Shorrock is the fourth generation of his family to make this exceptionally tasty cheese, using  milk from Andrew’s own herd of Holstein Freisian cows which graze in Goosnargh near Preston. CV
Wensleydale Reserve Hawes Creamery A true Wensleydale, still made in the Dales at the Hawes Dairy in Wensleydale. Firm, but supple, light textured acidic cheese. Matured for around nine months for a fuller flavour whilst still retaining its freshness of flavour and slight crumbliness of texture. Delicous on the cheeseboard. cva
Colston Bassett Blue Stilton Colston Bassett Dairy The texture of the cheese is smooth and creamy with a mellow flavour and no sharp acidic taste from the blue.The cheese is best eaten at around 12 weeks but this varies from cheese to cheese as each one is an individual. Melt in the mouth perfection. ca
Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton Cropwell Bishop Creamery A rich tangy flavour, and a velvety-soft texture that makes it melt in the mouth. To allow this Stilton to develop its unique flavour, it is normally aged to 12 weeks.  It is handmde using methods that have changed little since the 17th Century.  The only Stilton ever to be served on Concorde. cav
Thomas Hoe Red Leicester Hoe Stevenson / Clawson Made using a traditional recipe, Aged Leicestershire Red is buttered, cloth-bound and matured for six months to produce a flaky, open texture cheese with a slightly sweet, caramelised flavour and rich golden orange colour.  CV
Gouda Uniekaas Vintage Uniekaas Uniekaas Vintage Gouda 5 Year is a special cheese that is naturally matured on wooden shelves for 5 years. With a similar texture to that of a Parmigiano-Reggiano This cheese is for those who aren’t afraid of a punch of flavour. It is an excellent substitute for grating cheeses and will caramelize beautifully. C
Berkswell Ewe Ram Hall Kenilworth Made by Linda Dutch and Stephen Fletcher at Ram Hall near Kenilworth this raw ewes milk cheese uses a traditional animal rennet. It is a firm cheese since it has been matured for at least four months. It has a creamy texture with a distinctly sheepy/salty tang. SU
Spenwood Ewe Village Maid Dairy Made in Berkshire by Anne Wigmore this hard cheese melts in the mouth to produce sweet caramel flavours balanced with some acidity.  Fully matured for 6 months with a natural rind. suv
Maryland Mature Barbers Made by the Barber family on their farm in Somerset to their traditional recipe and matured for at least 12 months to give it a nice strong and creamy flavour. CV
Barber's 1833 Vintage 24mth Barber Barbers 1833 Vintage Cheddar comes from Somerset and is thought to be one of the best cheddars of today.   Its is made with traditional starter culteres, rich milk from their cows and is always matured for at least 24 months.  A delicious creamy cheese with both savoury and sweet notes. CV
Oxford Blue Oxford Cheese Company A really excellent creamy and semi-soft blue veined cheese. Made to very precise specifications, with a salty and tangy flavour. An asset to any cheeseboard. CV
Quickes Mature Farmhouse Cheddar Quickes Traditional Dairy Award winning Vintage Cheddar has a truly unique intense flavour, which is both complex and balanced. This cheese has been allowed to mature for over two years within which time the distinctive full-bodied taste and more brittle texture has developed.   cva
Rosary Goats Cheese with Garlic and Herbs Chris and Claire Moody This award winning goats cheese is blended with garlic and herbs to give it a fresh taste. This cheese has a soft creamy texture meaning it is delicious spread onto fresh bread or crackers.  gav
Brie with Black Pepper Godminster  This soft, brie like, cheese is made using organic Jersey milk from Somerset is wrapped in black peppercorns giving the cheese a spicy tang.  coa
Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar Godminter  Made in the West Country using a traditional recipe which has been handed down for 70 years. The flavour is pronounced with a sharpe tanginess offset by a wonderful creaminess. Has been certified by the Soil Association for over 10 years, Matured for at least 12 months. cov
Gorganzola Torta   A Gorgonzola blue chgeese with a band of soft mascarpone inserted in the middle C
Somerset Brie The Lubborn Creamery Somerset Brie comes from The Lubborn Creamery and is creamy with a mild and fresh flavour with a soft, edible rind. Best eaten with some fresh crusty bread and a glass of soft red wine. A delicious addition to any cheeseboard. CV
Oglesheild Raclette Montgomery Dairy Made using the beautifully rich milk from the Montgomerys herd of Jersey cows. The cheese is washed with a special brine every three days to achieve a slightly pungent moist rind which softens the cheese and gives it an extra depth of flavour, A superb Westcountry equivalent to Raclette, it cooks and melts brilliantly. CU
Anster St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Co Anster - a crumbly, Cheshire syle cheese, made using unpasteurised milk from our own herd of Friesian Holstein cows.Traditional rennet, live 'starter' culture, natural rind. Typically matured for 2-6 months.  This cheese has a cumbly texture, which dissolves in the mouth to give a full flavour and lemony tang on the finish. uc
Smoked Anster St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Co Smoked Anster - a smoked crumbly, Cheshire syle cheese, made using unpasteurised milk from our own herd of Friesian Holstein cows.Traditional rennet, live 'starter' culture, natural rind. Typically matured for 2-6 months Then Smoked uc
Blue Monday Evenlode Partnership Alex James from Blur named this cheese after his favourite New Order song.
It is milder than most blue cheeses and has a very creamy texture with cracks and streaks of blue, it has a steely, yet sweet flavour.
Morbier   This cheese from the Franch-Comte region of France has a velvety texture, with a mild fruity taste and edible ash centre. The cheese is aged for at least 60 days allowing it to develop a lovely nutty flavour.  cu
Dorset Blue Vinny Dorset Blue Co From skimmed cows' milk. It was a hard, crumbly cheese, the modern version is more creamy and subtler in flavour.  "Vinney" is a local Dorset term related to the obsolete word "vinew", which means to become mouldy. Another explanation has it that "vinny" is a corruption of "veiny", referring to the blue veins running throughout. cu
Red Storm Snowdonia Cheese Co Punchy, flavoursome and mouth-wateringly creamy, the latest cheese from the Snowdonia Cheese redefines what you would expect from a Red Leicester.   The unique melt-in-the-mouth characteristics with an intense depth of flavour.   Equally at home atop a wedge of rustic bread as it is a delicate spelt cracker. cv



C - Cows Milk

S - Sheeps Milk

G - Goats Milk

B - Buffalo Milk

V - Vegetairian

U - Unpasturised

O - Organic

R - Regional

A - Award Winning