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Honey lasts forever, but bees are dying

Honey may last forever [it’s been found in ancient tombs], but bees are dying. Entire colonies simply disappear, leaving their hives anything but abuzz with activity. Our local bee keeper Dan Geary has suffered heavy losses.
Get involved! We can all do our bit to help the honey bee – here are a few ideas: Stock gardens with plants that are very attractive to bees – ask your local garden centr…

Coffee Week

Holwood Farm Shop and Deli offers foodies a true taste of the ‘Garden of England’. UK Coffee Week at Holwood Farm 5th - 13th April  UK coffee week is a national event celebratin…

Baba ghanoush

Baba ghanoush or moutabel a Middle Eastern mezze favourite
This is a most wonderful and simple recipe, although the cooking of the aubergine is a little unusual.  The secret is to char the skins of the aubergine to give a deep smokey flav…